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USPC Jumping Championships East

July 17-19, 2017 - Lexington, KY

Introductory A Introductory 2017

Rider Horse & Owner Show Jumping
Day Time Ring
Ariel Adam Bella Luna
Ariel Adam
Wed. 11:02am 1
Elena Albert Logan
Elena Albert
Wed. 11:00am 1
Alexis Avila Zanzibar
Alexis Avila
Wed. 10:36am 1
Aubrey Bachtel Clean Getaway
Aubrey Bachtel
Wed. 10:38am 1
Katherine Bowman Large and In Charge
Katherine Bowman
Wed. 10:52am 1
Ella Braun Calcott Dancer
Ella Braun
Wed. 10:56am 1
Erin Butler Le Grand Cheval
Erin Butler
Wed. 10:22am 1
Ashley Button Snickers
Ashley Button
Wed. 11:14am 1
Celeste Cash Bulldog
Celeste Cash
Wed. 11:04am 1
Mya Chamberlain Tarkan
Mya Chamberlain
Wed. 10:48am 1
Meredith Chance Cookie
Meredith Chance
Wed. 10:54am 1
Elizabeth Crabtree Randolph
Elizabeth Crabtree
Wed. 10:46am 1
Haley Culpepper Nola
Haley Culpepper
Wed. 11:08am 1
Margo Deal Promises Kept
Margo Deal
Wed. 11:12am 1
Lindsey Ekanger Jump Lightly "Mazie"
Lindsey Ekanger
Wed. 10:30am 1
Quinn Enyart Uno
Quinn Enyart
Wed. 11:10am 1
Liesel Fazekas TRF Volkart's Vespucci
Liesel Fazekas
Wed. 11:38am 1
Gretel Frew Sky High "Jet"
Gretel Frew
Wed. 11:30am 1
Elizabeth Galloway Ice
Elizabeth Galloway
Wed. 1
Grace Gorham Spring At 'Em
Grace Gorham
Wed. 11:44am 1
Miriam Graber Shade
Miriam Graber
Wed. 10:40am 1
Katie Graney Giovanni
Katie Graney
Wed. 11:32am 1
Natalie Hamilton Remington
Natalie Hamilton
Wed. 11:06am 1
Hannah Hartman The Leopard King
Hannah Hartman
Wed. 11:22am 1
Lainey Hauser I Am Micaela
Lainey Hauser
Wed. 11:18am 1
Carolyn Henley Lucky
Carolyn Henley
Wed. 11:16am 1
Bridget Hicks Cosmopolitan
Bridget Hicks
Wed. 11:24am 1
Isabelle Horn Breezeway Jiminy Cricket
Isabelle Horn
Wed. 10:28am 1
Savannah Hutto Ever After VT
Savannah Hutto
Wed. 10:50am 1
Sophie Jaynes Dublin
Sophie Jaynes
Wed. 11:46am 1
Kaley Johnson Stolen Moments
Kaley Johnson
Wed. 10:26am 1
Allison Jones BlueJeans
Allison Jones
Wed. 11:52am 1
Hailey Jones Phoenix
Hailey Jones
Wed. 11:20am 1
Addison Kasley A Bit of Jazz
Addison Kasley
Wed. 11:54am 1
Lainie Ligowski Maleficent
Lainie Ligowski
Wed. 10:32am 1
Kirsten Likins Zorro
Kirsten Likins
Wed. 12:00pm 1
Iselle Longman 3 Days Grace
Iselle Longman
Wed. 11:50am 1
Rachel Martin Forest
Rachel Martin
Wed. 10:42am 1
Rebekah Masiakos Catching Fire
Rebekah Masiakos
Wed. 12:02pm 1
Taylor McFall Spitfire DF
Taylor McFall
Wed. 11:36am 1
Nancy Taylor McKibben My Pal Patches
Nancy Taylor McKibben
Wed. 11:26am 1
BreAnn Miesner Poker Face
BreAnn Miesner
Wed. 11:34am 1
Julia Perez Sugar Bush Blue
Julia Perez
Wed. 12:12pm 1
Colby Poe Liberty Bell
Colby Poe
Wed. 10:58am 1
Larissa Prince Dashin To Glory
Larissa Prince
Wed. 11:40am 1
Lena Reelsen Pik-Sure Perfect "Gus"
Lena Reelsen
Wed. 12:10pm 1
Nora Rhyne Practically Perfect
Nora Rhyne
Wed. 11:42am 1
Laura Rockers Tuff
Laura Rockers
Wed. 10:34am 1
Francesca Roy Sable Lain
Francesca Roy
Wed. 11:28am 1
Ezra Sanders Whiskey
Ezra Sanders
Wed. 11:56am 1
Ella Stainton Sam
Ella Stainton
Wed. 11:48am 1
Devon Tresan I Am Superman
Devon Tresan
Wed. 12:08pm 1
Morgan Trotter Arkadios
Morgan Trotter
Wed. 12:14pm 1
Sarah Walton The Huntsman
Sarah Walton
Wed. 10:44am 1
Elizabeth Way Mikey Likes It
Elizabeth Way
Wed. 12:16pm 1
Sidney Wike Casey
Sidney Wike
Wed. 10:24am 1
Lindsay Woodall Jasper Lake
Lindsay Woodall
Wed. 10:20am 1
Daniela Zarate Alishiaa
Daniela Zarate
Wed. 12:06pm 1
Lilian Zielinski Bubbles
Lilian Zielinski
Wed. 12:04pm 1

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