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USPC Jumping Championships East

July 17-19, 2017 - Lexington, KY

Developing Horse/Rider Developing Horse 2017

Rider Horse & Owner Show Jumping
Day Time Ring
Breeana Armbrust Cooper
Breeana Armbrust
Wed. 9:56am 2
Sarah Barnes Wasabe
Sarah Barnes
Wed. 9:22am 2
Nicole Bartholomaus Honey
Nicole Bartholomaus
Wed. 8:46am 2
Shelby Brantley Toute Le Monde
Shelby Brantley
Wed. 8:38am 2
Emily Brightbill Bonita Moonlite
Emily Brightbill
Wed. 8:54am 2
Taylor Brinsfield Bam Bam
Taylor Brinsfield
Wed. 9:04am 2
Madelyn Castaldo Simba
Madelyn Castaldo
Wed. 10:12am 2
Audrey Clark Sheer Luck "Shammy"
Audrey Clark
Wed. 9:00am 2
Olivia Clark Hit The Jackpot "Jack"
Olivia Clark
Wed. 9:30am 2
Ainsley Colgan Empress Hermione
Ainsley Colgan
Wed. 9:46am 2
Sterling Colgan Bay
Sterling Colgan
Wed. 9:16am 2
Reagan Crowley Gone to Battle
Reagan Crowley
Wed. 10:00am 2
Kristin Curran Under the Radar
Kristin Curran
Wed. 8:56am 2
Elizabeth Dell Tink
Elizabeth Dell
Wed. 9:08am 2
Carissa Elonen Baker
Carissa Elonen
Wed. 9:06am 2
Jordan Farrin Clary's Penuche Fudge
Jordan Farrin
Wed. 10:16am 2
Kira Feeser Little Big Town
Kira Feeser
Wed. 9:34am 2
Michaela Fehn Fenway
Michaela Fehn
Wed. 10:18am 2
Allison Garvey Frenchie
Allison Garvey
Wed. 9:02am 2
Kathryn Gay Unconditional Rescue
Kathryn Gay
Wed. 9:18am 2
Elaina Grayson Legacy
Elaina Grayson
Wed. 9:38am 2
Elicia Hazlewood Apollo
Elicia Hazlewood
Wed. 8:52am 2
Leah Hiener Spirit of Heaven
Leah Hiener
Wed. 9:20am 2
Katelyn Junker Notorious
Katelyn Junker
Wed. 9:42am 2
Elijah Karas Pauley
Elijah Karas
Wed. 9:32am 2
Brynn Katany Artisan
Brynn Katany
Wed. 8:50am 2
Annabel Kaufman Quicksilver
Annabel Kaufman
Wed. 10:04am 2
Merysa Kirk Cajun Sunrise
Merysa Kirk
Wed. 8:48am 2
Katrina Kottra "Mercedes" Queen of Spades
Katrina Kottra
Wed. 8:30am 2
Madison Lahodny Lukas
Madison Lahodny
Wed. 8:42am 2
Lulu Malinoski Valencia Dralium
Lulu Malinoski
Wed. 10:14am 2
Elizabeth Margeotes Goddess of War
Elizabeth Margeotes
Wed. 8:40am 2
Amanda Mastran Titania
Amanda Mastran
Wed. 8:58am 2
Dorothea Mercer Finnegan
Dorothea Mercer
Wed. 9:24am 2
Morgan Miller North Winds Opus
Morgan Miller
Wed. 9:28am 2
Taylor Mundelein Won Lucato
Taylor Mundelein
Wed. 8:36am 2
Kylie Myers O'Riley
Kylie Myers
Wed. 8:44am 2
Emma Myruski Rubicon
Emma Myruski
Wed. 9:10am 2
Alma Nicholson Rootbeer Float
Alma Nicholson
Wed. 9:50am 2
Adriana Nielsen Zip's Lonesome Wind Dancer
Adriana Nielsen
Wed. 9:48am 2
Aine O'Rourke I've Got Rhythm
Aine O'Rourke
Wed. 10:08am 2
Marina O'Toole Casanova Aztlan
Marina O'Toole
Wed. 8:32am 2
Jasmine Philipp Ices
Jasmine Philipp
Wed. 9:58am 2
Hannah Schuberg London Calling
Hannah Schuberg
Wed. 9:52am 2
Jordan Schulz Mia
Jordan Schulz
Wed. 10:10am 2
Gemma Seevers Moose
Gemma Seevers
Wed. 9:54am 2
Hannah Sunderland Espresso Express
Hannah Sunderland
Wed. 9:12am 2
Bryony Tilzey Lively Kitten
Bryony Tilzey
Wed. 9:26am 2
Brooke Treichler DCF Irlandias
Brooke Treichler
Wed. 10:02am 2
Laura VanHasselt Quote The Raven
Laura VanHasselt
Wed. 8:34am 2
Nicole Wiater Ruby Slippers
Nicole Wiater
Wed. 9:40am 2
Skyler Wilkerson Teagans Chymyre
Skyler Wilkerson
Wed. 9:14am 2
Kendall Woodring Houda Thought
Kendall Woodring
Wed. 9:36am 2
Sydney Woodring Privilege
Sydney Woodring
Wed. 10:06am 2

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